Since 1981


Oriente Occidente was born in 1981 in Rovereto, a city in the Italy's region of Trentino Alto Adige, which is open wide to the taste of modern, of cultural research and of new tendencies. This Festival is indeed a research centre where East and West are intended as poles of an ideal route of exchanges and cross-roads; not only between cultures but also between genres and languages of the contemporary scene.

Since 39 years Oriente Occidente is one of the most important European Festivals of contemporary dance. The Festival has always hosted first nights of important artists and companies from all over the world: from Merce Cunningham to Pina Bausch, from Alwin Nikolais to Lucinda Childs, from Maguy Marin to Meredith Monk, from Odin Teatret to the Josè Limon Dance Company, from Jerzy Grotowsky to Kazuo Ohno, from the Kathakali Kalamandalam to Rosas, from L'Esquisse to Jean Claude Gallotta, from Frédéric Flamand to Juan Carlos García, from Saburo Teshigawara to Shen Wei.

Oriente Occidente works during the year promoting contemporary young dance and helping young companies, offering a space to rehearse and create (we have a studio of 300 mq and 200 mq) trought its brach called CID. The best results receive a grant and the possibility to perform during the 10 days of Festival.
In order to help your dancers and choreographers Oriente Occidente since 2007 organize Danz’è, a choreography contest for young choreographers that can apply and perform in a stage-off during the Festival, the first three received a money prize. The first place is choose to create a new work coproduced to be present in the next edition of the Festival.

The Festival is rooted in its local community. Since its start the program with the performances in the theatre were also located around the city many extra events. The local people well know the festival and they are strongly link to it. Moreover, every edition try to involve the local people. In the last years we have been looking at the community dance, involving in our project also local people and non-dancers/non-actors, working in our studio in free lessons and workshop before the Festival and promoting the dialogue between people coming from different artistic approaches.
Within the festival we create works in the tourism area with the use of the hospitality, hotels, restaurants and caffè, use of local services in marketing and promotion, graphic and press.
The Festival is well known also abroad with solid link and collaboration with other European realities, we strongly work with other festivals and dance institution in production and coproduction of performances, in sharing the know-how and looking at the new worldwide tendencies in dance and contemporary art. We always dedicate the biggest part of the performing program to international companies coming from all over the world. We do international coproduction of performances, as well national and local ones, helping increasing the value and the possibilities to perform both to the new that to the well settled dance companies.